September 15th, 2001

switchy goodness

I was attempting to IRC last night. And I was getting 25% packet loss to my sever machine (that has the actual modem plugged into it). To help those of you who don't see what this means, it was like having REALLY nasty lag, often taking a couple of minutes for the screen to sort itself out :(

On the grounds that my Ethernet hub had decided to stop recognising our machines at 100Mbps a few days back, I decided it might be that the hub was on its last legs (technical term: "horked"), it being two to three years old by now. So I went out and got an 8-port switch for 70 quid instead. Handy :) So now we have 100Mbps again, along with more capacity for ppl to bring computers over for quake sessions :) And now I can play music hosted on arise again...

*cough* anyway. Rode my bike about a bit yesterday. Didn't get far due to being stupendously unfit. But it was refreshing to be able to actually ride again even if I did end up with shaky legs for a while! I fell asleep easily too... I managed to mount my rear light upside down which made me feel a bit stupid. And I'll have to get used to sitting on that saddle too. Blech.

ok, off to slimes (again) this evening. i believe tephramancy will be there, so I might get to say hello properly instead of just briefly before running for a night bus :) Possibly also a girl I met at the PT on Thursday called Alex, who's nice, foxy and out to meet new people :)
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