September 9th, 2001

another weekend, another Slimelight

Fun fun fun. Finally got up this morning and made a quick trip to Tesco's to pick up some gloves so I could dye my hair. So I've go black hair again (except where I missed bits), which is nice. Then headed out to Camden, and bumped into n0w0n, atomkinder, NaD, Fross and Kas, aho were just about to go for n00dles so I joined them. Then wandered around Stables Market a bit w/ n0w0n and atomkinder, and actually bought some platform trainers (araqnid in buying cyber gear shocker!).

We then adjourned to the dev briefly, and then I dropped my new purchases off at home, and headed off for our rendezvous at the Ben Crouch. Which sucks as a place to meet up at night, sadly. Next time I'll try and get people to meet up at one of the pubs near work, which are practically as central but have the major virtue of being almost empty on a Saturday night. Finally encountered Cenobite, PrincessSuicide, Dejection and TheCunningBison from IRC- it's always nice to put faces to names.

We then crammed aboard a bus going to Angel and dared to enter once more the icky stairways and stuffy rooms of the Simelight place. They've installed fans above the seating at the back of the goth floor, so it was noticeably colder (but still stuffy). The music was variable- danced around a fair amount but spent an hour or so around 5am just mooching. Typically, one of the best music bits was right at the end. Dancing to "Terrible Lie" reminded me sooo much of being 19 :) No Transivision Vamp cheese this time, but there was plenty of other stuff. And "One World One Sky" to finish. Hrm. Didn't hear any Evil's Toy though. Maybe I should collar Coeur some time and feed him some mp3s.

Happily met up with Chris from Cambridge (now in Brighton) who I hadn't seen since new year, and Matt E from Cambridge (now in London) who I hadn't seen since the last Electric Ballroom I went to- and managed not to get his email address right :( Yet another reminder of when I was 19 (the good bits fortunately :}).

After Simelight, we did the traditional trip to the cafe in Camden for cake and tea (despite having to walk to King's X). Then home to crash.

And soon after getting up this afternoon, I got a phone call arranging a time to deliver my bike. Finally! Friday morning. So much for "delivery within 3 days". More like two weeks, losers 8( Still, it'll be here.

Now cooking pasta, yum :)
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14:28 [netgoth] -!- ERROR Closing Link: araqnid|zzzzzzz[] (K-lined)

Disturbing. But it seems to be removed now *phew*
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a thought came to me

I heard:

"And God is on your side, dividing tenderness from jealousy"

and though, "Yeah, I wish". I mentally half-composed an entry to go here while in Simelight, but now I've largely forgotten it and I don't feel energetic enough to recreate it. So recreate it yourselves if you want :|
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