September 2nd, 2001


I am so unfit. I can't run for more than a minute or so without legs turning to wood and starting to stumble.

yesterday. people on IRC were dividing into going to Tenebrae or electric ballroom. I decided to go for Tenebrae, since I'd never been before, and lo and behold n0w0n said she wanted to come up, so I offered her crash space at ours.

Tenebrae was fun- ages since I remember Rosetta Stone being played in a club dammit! Met up there with Christian, dan_lane, Scary Phil, Kelly, Fluffy Mark, Martin Read etc.. Didn't dance or drink much but it was still good, and this meant I wasn't feeling bloody awful on the way back.

Which was a good job because we ended up stopping at MacDonald's (blech) before going home. Then we waited for ages for a N13 bus and one never turned up :( So we walked to Charing Cross Road, and the last N5 had gone. So we ended up getting the tube. Bummer!

Anyway, after having got back home after 6am, my sleep cycle was royally shafted. After acidyti had departed, I managed to muster the energy to go to Tesco's, but attempts to stay awake enough even to be on IRC failed, so I ended up just crashing fully-clothed (ick) for a while before going to sleep properly. And then getting up at 4am to try and run around a bit.
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tools that are toys

OK, I'm a geek in more ways than one, I admit it.

I'm still getting stuff for the bike (which I got a letter confirming the order of on Saturday), so I walked to Halfords somewhere in Hendon (*puff* *pant* "dammit, it's on a bus route that goes past my house!" etc.) and got lights, lock, tools etc.

My new lock is a Big Scary Bastard Lock. Hopefully it will be effective. It's certainly big and heavy :)

But for tools... oh my god... I saw a multifunction tool called "The Alien". Try looking here. It's mental. Allen keys, wrenches, knife, chain tool ffs, knife and wrenches lockable... it's basically two sub-critical tool masses that attach together in one package. I'm besotted. Silly, isn't it? :)

Oh, and flashy light goodness of course. Although I'll be good and not use flashing LEDs on-road.

Just need the darned bike to arrive now!
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