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August 29th, 2001

Back at work. We (myself and Alex) went over to Jo's house last night, to watch DVDs and consume alcohol etc.. We watched the X-Men (which I hadn't seen before and I thought was great) and Mortal Kombat (cheese on a stick, but cool soundtrack).

And I love living somewhere with a 24 hour bus service :) Sadly, getting back at 4am meant getting up this morning was a struggle...

bikage and bathrooms

ok, I've decided for sure I'm going to get a new bike (pushbike, not motorbike) and just let Julie keep the one she "inherited" in Cambridge (esp. seeing as she fixed it up and it's years ago now; hell, she might not even have it anymore).

Keeping it safe and dry will be a struggle. Grrr. It will be quite a while before I feel like riding it to work though, so I won't worry about humping it around in the mornings for now.

Also I reckon once our sofa has arrived and I've done something about the bathroom mirror (explanation below) I think it'll be time to have a gathering :)

Bathroom mirror. Whoever fitted out our bathroom was clearly not thinking straight. We have a huge mirror, which is good. But it's right opposite the loo. Now. There are some things I *really* don't need to see in the mirror. As Eleanor put it: "Every woman in the land will hate your bathroom". An understatement, I feel. So I might fix in some hooks and put that big load of cargo netting over it. Kind of a pity, since big mirrors are handy, but...


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