August 23rd, 2001

sort it out

heh... I just found my NHS card. It's still got my Cambridge address on it from two years ago. Why? Because I know when I register with a new doctor they'll tell me I'm seriously overweight etc. etc. and although I know I ought to do something about it, I somehow find it hard to face up to. Silly and stupid to the max. So, hopefully, this time I'll make myself do it and stop whining about it.

and I ought to do other things to help that like getting a bike and getting used to eating sensibly... and finding a way to slip into this so it's not like a big concrete wall- daunting and nasty to run headlong into.

blech. just thinking about this too much makes me want to block it all out. which I suppose is the first thing to try and change. acceptance before remedy and all that. (otoh, isn't acceptance surrender?)

and I have a whole metric buttload of other crap here to sort through, mainly bills and account statements that I need to work out a coherent filing system for that's also simple enough for me to stick to.

and the plumber's coming tomorrow. and the dryer guy on Friday. and we need to get to Bradford to go to infest. figure out if kilinrax's mate is giving us crash space or not. and there's all this work stuff. even if I had a life, I don't think I could squeeze it in without exploding from stress.
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still no sign of plumbers coming round to fix our bathroom leak. I think they lied. bastards.
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