August 21st, 2001

from home again!

Finally: I've replaced my dead Supra modem and am now online from home again. Which potentially means more wasted evenings hanging out on IRC 'til the wee hours. Ah, the pain :|

Well, moving house aftereffects still- our dishwasher is so hidesouly silted up that it's blocked, or maybe worse: I discovered that it wasn't even plugged into the mains. And our dryer, which *is* plugged into the mains, simply doesn't work. Nothing life-stopping though.
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    Cut.Rate.Box - Behind The Wheel [New Religion]


OK, I have to phone a landlord-person to tell them our dishwasher and tumble dryer don't work. Even a relatively simple phone call like this is requiring a ridiculous amount of nerve to be summoned. I really hate using the phone now. I'm not entirely sure why. Hrmph.
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