August 1st, 2001

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*sigh* ... add to that list getting a replacement photocard driving licence, which I'd forgotten *again*. And it turns out our current landlord hadn't bothered to tell our current agency he was retaking the property, so they were a bit worried about what was going on with us...

Anyway, I've given the new agency a holding deposit and received the usual metric buttload of forms to fill in.

And I just got a phone call saying they'd "slightly misquoted" the rent- to the tune of £2 a month. Bank-breaking :}
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replacement driving license application sent. (expensive) infest accommodation booked. agency form for new flat filled in. redirection form obtained and filled in. I feel as if I've spent the entire day filling out forms, on the phone, walking to/from the post office or mooching on IRC.
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