July 26th, 2001

yawn... urnf...

yeah, yeah. just another day. except i went to see a couple of flats in golders green this morning. i actually did a fair chunk of work on the next channel to be done in Perl today, but it's not scheduled to be launched until next week anyway.

i ought to go out tonight- there's a sluts meet just 15 mins walk away, and some other friends going out in camden. but tbh i'm simply too whacked to do either. bah. so going home and getting 12 hours sleep would be cool. attempt to avoid going home then mooching around the flat reading, watching DVDs and spodding until 3am, despite struggling to keep eyes open. which is what happens all too often.
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    Lether strip - Don't tame your soul


times like this i can appreciate the viewpoint of all our little social interactions and dealings being one vast game. sadly, you can't just stop playing and make yourself a cup of tea instead :|

heh. "it's just a ride".

dammit, i need to go home. blech.
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    :wumpscut: - Torn Skin