July 25th, 2001

the calling r0x0r

We got there and back and it ruled. In the end, it turns out I was overly paranoid about how long it was going to take to wade through traffic to get there, but it's better than getting fross there late (since he was on first).

The Calling is a great club (imnsho), and going up there in a minibus worked out really well- although hopefully I'll persuade someone else to drive next time! But we had fross, icicle, kilinrax, kas, suzi, saiira, jenn and neal- one of our sysadmins from Austin.

Unfortunately, just as I was leaving the house, there was a wasp sitting on the doorknob. The doorknob that I grabbed and twisted. That hurt, and it's still slightly painful and swollen this morning. Grumble grumble... And I had to have the bus back at 9am! The pain!

So everyone except me (and presumably jenn) is hung over this morning. It's amusing in a sick kind of way :)
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Moving house

So far, I've moved house every summer since leaving university. Which is irritating, but at least lets me feel like I've lived in several different places. (Although it's really only two; London and Cambridge).

However, each time I've moved, I have started thinking about it in plenty of time- and then actually got round to it very late. The record for this, of course, is renting Godwin Close in Cambridge: we looked at it on Monday and told the estate agent we needed to move in on Saturday (true). This involved paying £1500 or so of deposit in cash, much to their dismay :}

Anyway, this time isn't too bad- at least we only have to move by mid-August, and its still July. Hopefully we can move to somewhere where the landlord doesn't insist on us writing cheques "manually" every sodding month. Standing Orders were developed for a reason, grrr.

I've finally got an appointment to see a couple of places tomorrow. However, it's likely that I'll have to get an overdraft in order to stump up the cash for a deposit again.

For once, though, I'm going to be staying in practically the same area (Golders Green), so at least I won't be repeating the treks from Docklands to Golders Green that characterised last year...

Ah, what a royal pain in the butt. But I don't want to buy, so I have to put up with this.

And hopefully we'll actually get ADSL in the new place and have a semi-decent internet connection. We can't all be like Neal and just casually drop a T1 line in :| (although it's tempting).
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