July 18th, 2001

Whack it!

Dammit, someone just down the road has a car with an alarm that is almost (but not quite) going off continuously. So conducive to sleeping, NOT.
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    Cut.Rate.Box - New Religion

just another day

Just another day. My flat mate still isn't back, inhibiting looking for a new place to live (which is steadily becoming more and more critical). Fiddled with mailing lists and configuration for our request tracking system... Apart from handing the project I've been "working on" for the past week or so up to category management, did nothing significant.

Home. Need home. And sleep. And some food, but not much since I already has crisps and toast generously slathered with spread today.

I'd be playing Ichor's "Another Day" if I had it on MP3 here; I need to burn another CD and bring it into work.
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    Leather Strip - Another World