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long time

Long time, again. I'm pretty derelict at writing entries, aren't I? I think the main problem is that I tend to write entries when I'm bored, so you get lots of entries saying "I'm so bored..." and then silence when stuff is actually happening.

Yeah, stuff is happening. *blush* who'd have thought?

Uh, rewind. Went to the Purple Turtle for a while on Friday night, briefly. The smoky atmosphere and crappy music didn't react well with a sore throat, though. We'd moved mattress logistics to the next morning, so I went home and slept instead.

Got up the next morning, surveyed the broken twisted landscape of IRC and LJ the morning after Friday night, then went out to move stuff around at Jo's. Not particularly interesting, really. Once you've moved one mattress, you've moved them all. Nothing to see here :)

Then headed off to Camden to meet Sue in the End Of The World around 1 ish. We wandered around Camden for the afternoon not buying anything, and then as we were on our way back to the Dev, Sue spotted a cast-iron candelabra in a shop just by the bridge. Which she immediately bought, because it was marked down from £187.50 to £50, and the shop was apparently closing down. (Although I wonder if that was a "Please buy our stuff" ploy). So we went off to the Dev from there with me carrying two bits of candelabra held together with tape. Fun.

Rachel briefly graced us with her presence, and also her hangover iirc. molochai turned up and we headed off down to Quinn's, whence Rachel had already departed. Got there to find much post-Scrabble lounging around going on, featuring diglett, avaritia, dan_lane, jasontheknight, Mel and Rachel. Much entertainment was had drawing caricatures, and admiring the advanced states of drunkenness. Eventually, we departed our ways: dan_lane, Mel and Rachel went back so that Mel could spend three hours doing her hair for the party; myself, diglett and avaritia went to the Underworld for the Evil's Toy gig, and jasontheknight and Sue headed straight for the house-warming party.

Anyway, I went to Evil's Toy, which I thought were short and disappointing; yazz was there and seemed to agree. I didn't hang around for De/Vision, but rather went to Sainsbury's for alcohol and munchies and made my way to the party. Was just getting there and getting puzzled over the lack of street name signs, when kilinrax phoned to ask where it was. Timing :)

It was a fun party. I'd have been better off if I hadn't been feeling so spaced by being ill and trying to medicine my bad throat away. Everyone was really friendly. And Sue was a little more then just friendly :) Somewhere around midnight she started falling asleep, so we made our exit along with a bunch of people heading to Slimelight (nb Mel never showed up at the party, typically :}). Manhandled Sue and the candelabra back via London streets and night buses to Golders Green, crashed.

Drawing a kindly veil over the activities of the next 18 hours or so, we finally re-emerged into the world to get food (Pizza Express just round the corner, YUM). Then, finally, went to return Sue and that damn candelabra to Stratford.

Since then, I've been trying to catch up on sleep, and hoping I recover from being ill. Which I haven't, really. I've been at work, though. Except yesterday, where I spent the day watching Highlander and Mad Max, waiting for the plumber to come round AGAIN, and they didn't turn up AGAIN.

Heading out to the Purple Turtle tonight hopefully for a decent night out. w00t.

Hm, I should be feeling a lot better and happier than I am, I guess there's too much stress crap going on in the background to be counteracted. Grrrr.

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