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Some progress- I think I've got my PC running happily again now, which means i can spend stupid amounts of time on IRC from home again. Um, wow. This is, however, a useful thing since I have rather less money in my account than I thought I had. Argh.

Went out for Thai food with fross, kas, allezbleu, vasquez, kilinrax and yaruar. Nice nice nice nice nice :) Although allezbleu's Australian accent seemed to confound the serving staff's limited English comprehension :}

Now very tired again. Supposed to be getting something delivered tomorrow morning. Argh. (again). Not enough internal brain wierdness to make me walk home tonight, but still rattling a bit. Argh. :}

My home PC was in Total Anus Mode earlier, though. Didn't help that I was sufficiently tired when I got back here that I forgot to plug in the CPU fan after plugging in the new power supply and connecting up the hard drives. And at one point, it really didn't want to boot with the sound card in. But now it's working fine. I worry.

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