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that was the weekend that was

OK, I found out what was wrong with my PC- I plugged kilinrax's power supply into it and it worked fine! So I only need a new power supply, which is nice to know.

Saturday night, went to Slimelight (again). Kilinrax, icicle, fross, kas, saiira and drreagan were going to Pendragon in Brixton, so I was prepared for it to be somewhat lacking in people I knew. However, dan_lane, kgoth and darklyng were there, so all was not lost. And it turned out saiira was there too, although I didn't actually go up to say hello, being a muppet.

Then kas appeared, saying she and fross hadn't made it to Pendragon. Oops.

So imagine my surprise when icicle turned up half an hour later. "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked, just to be answered with "Don't ask" by icicle, and "Ask him" by kilinrax, pointing at icicle. An interrogation ensued: icicle didn't get let in what he claims is the most embarrassing incident of his life so far, hee hee.

Music was largely ok. However, their tradgoth stretch that seems to start around 5am is ALWAYS the same sequence of songs, I swear. I'm not a big tradgoth fan, but I'd be more inclined to like it if I heard something different. Grr. Then around 6.15am they started playing decent stuff again...

... at which point me, dan_lane and kgoth headed off, because we were going to Heathrow to meet allezbleu and vasquez, netgoths from Australia. KGoth gave me a lift to King's Cross, from where I was getting the (first) Piccadilly tube to the airport, while they went to Docklands to pick up jasontheknight.

Dilemma: which terminal were they coming in to? Well, I didn't know. I thought I remembered allezbleu saying it was 3. But the Heathrow stations are grouped 1,2,3 at one station and 4 at the other. And 4 is the first one you come to. So I got out at 4, thinking that I'd drop back into the Underground to go to the other station if it was the wrong terminal. Which it was. So I got the shuttle to the other group (reminding myself how luxurious the Heathrow Express train is, mmmm) just as dan_lane called to say it was terminal 3 :) I should have trusted my memory, dammit.

Anyway, we (me, kgoth and dan_lane, jasontheknight having wussed out) stood around with coffee and sandwiches getting wierd looks, hoping we were waiting for the right flight since we didn't know: a) which flight number allezbleu was on, b) which airline it was, c) her full name (although we could have asked for "blue haired goth girl" and been fairly sure of getting the right one).

Eventually, she appeared (meeting other goths at airports is dead easy, the chances of meeting the wrong group of goths waiting for you is minimal), followed in time by vasquez. After a quick interlude outside for the nicotine-deprived, we headed over to the car park and squished into KGoth's little Corsa. Drove to Marble Arch, deposited foreigners in hotel, and KGoth headed home. Meanwhile, we came here into the office to jump onto IRC for a while, then headed off to Camden. Had noodles at Wagamamas (overpriced, but traditional, kind of, and anyway overpriced is standard for Camden), went to the Dev, remet KGoth, wandered around shopping for a bit, then went back to the Dev to settle down for some drinkage. During which I tried hard not to fall asleep :)

Eventually, allezbleu and vasquez headed back "home"- we went along because they only had a vague recollection of where the hotel was. Turned out to be unnecessary since we got a cab from Marble Arch, but hey. Vasquez went back off out to the Turtle for the techno night (urnf), we watcehd TV and had pizza and ice cream (yum). Alien: Resurrection was on TV, but dan_lane and allezbleu were seriously flagging by this point. Oddly, I wasn't feeling all that sleepy even though I had been sleepy in the pub earlier. So when I realised they were both sound asleep and I was several hours away from a similar state (internal head-explody, don't ask) I extracted myself.

I was going to get the bus home ('cos the hotel is dead close to the 82/13/N13 route north of Oxford St) but due to internal wierdness, decided that since I could get home by walking up Edgware Road and Cricklewood Lane, that this was a really good idea to do in in my Swear boots even though my feet already hurt like hell. Three hours later, arrived home to find kilinrax still just about awake and watching Orgazmo... which is just too immensely silly for words.

Had *no* problem getting to sleep after all that. Managed to drag myself out of bed eventually to come in to work. Still footsore though :|

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