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another long gap

OK, I haven't updated for ages. So I'll try and remember what I've done recently *rustles around inside brain*

Saturday: picked up car (Vauxhall Zafira, boxy, nice size, nice mover, crap turning circle) and THP, drove 250 miles up to Middlesbrough to find midnight_moon. She is the organiser of a (the only!) monthly goth night in Stockton-on-Tees. Which is supposed to feature a band each month, but they (Star Industry this month) hadn't turned up by 4pm. Or 5pm. Or 6pm. More like 7pm. Eek.

However, it turned out to be a good night after all that. Bounced around a bit, Star Industry went down well, all good.

Then drove 250 miles *back* the next day. Gah. And it started to rain. So we finally got back to London about 6.30pm instead of the 5pm or so we'd expected. Got home, pretty much headed straight back out to see VNV.

First time I know for sure I've been to the Camden Palace. However, I can't shake the feeling that it's familiar. Maybe it's just that all the balconies and stairs are like a poor Quake level or something. Or maybe it's just the kind of place that tends to inhabit nightmares. Anyway, it was packed full of people.

Arrived towards the end of Sulpher's set. Shouty metal band, wtf were they doing on the bill? Might have liked them if I was geared up for it. In The Nursery played a long set of, um, boring wank. Cross-ref. to any of my descriptions of seeing Man(i)kin at Infest :) VNV started out sounded like a karaoke band where the singer was too drunk to remember the tunes. Oops. They got better (thank god), but the crowd made the night, not the band. Such is life.

Uh, and then the week was kind of boring after that. Went to the Texas Embassy on Monday (I think). Which is kind of like Chilli's only not a chain and classier. And does strawberry margherita's which are divine.

Went to the Turtle last night- met gothrose irl, a woman called Sue who I guided out of Mornington Crescent station to the safe haven of the pub, consumed four jugs of cocktails (REALLY have to stop doing that drinking through 5 straws at once thing) that went on to Gossip's with darklyng and kilinrax. Which was actually quite fun, probably 'cos we arrived after any attempt at having a band one was over and done with.

Got to bed about 5am after chatting with ailie, ah42 et al on #perlmonks for an hour or so. Woke up about noon. Oops. A package arrived for me at 7.30am (thanks kilinrax for grabbing it), like I was going to be able to accept it :)

But it's cool, it contains my new motherboard, CPU, memory etc., and a 32Mb USB Pendrive- 32Mb of flash in a package that looks like a marker pen. Sexxah :)

So am going to be knee-deep in computer guts tonight- well, at least I won't be pissing the money away on alcohol again.

"Hear the prophet make his guess that paradise lies to the west- so join his quest for the sun"

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