Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam

still here

Seems I'm only getting round to posting once a month now. I wish I could say that's because I'm too busy with exciting fun things to post to LJ, but sadly not. Work is plodding on without much change, not much to say there. Although I do have some training to go on next week for the first time in years!

Continuing on the nostalgia trip, but in a slightly different vein, I was wandering around Cambridge a week or so back--- during the daytime this time, playing at tourist for a bit. This coming weekend I'm planning to head up to Stratford (-upon-Avon) and hoping for something other than a piss-down.

Since the last post, I went on an Inferno (pretty cool with lots of Rammstein) and Reptile (also cool) double-header. Which is looming again this weekend, not sure I can face both again. (Well, planning to drive on Saturday anyway especially with a day trip out the next day).

The weekend just gone was Vagabonds, which once again seduced me with its assortment of nice-if-pricey beers; admittedly since I stuck to Discovery, the assortment was lost on me in a sense but I appreciate it anyway :)

I've managed to get off my arse and go out for a run a few times in the past week, including a 25-minute 5Km on the treadmill, which isn't too shabby. I should probably find a winter race or something to aim for--- after all, my current 10Km PR was set on a post-Xmas run. I also need to think about what to do for next year now that I know I'm not doing FLM.

I've written and sent our ante-penultimate Greenford rent cheque. Moving house end of February. Well, moving out of the house and into a flat of some sort for me, I imagine... I think I'd relish living alone again for a while. So many things to sort out of what's here, though.

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