Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam


I went to Electric Dreams at the Purple Turtle last night--- tbh I wasn't too impressed, although it wasn't too bad either. Certainly stayed until the end. Mostly 80s not-too-tacky music with some extra fillips thrown in (One World One Sky?!). £5 to get in, £3 a pint not too bad for London I guess. Still, I think I'm unlikely to return unless really bored or going with a bunch of people.

I was considering going out to Reptile this evening--- although since I'm racing tomorrow I shouldn't be living the good life too much beforehand :) I was considering driving there so that at least I can avoid getting back via the night bus at 5.30am again. If I'm driving, that will keep me off the beer too, so the next day should be OK.

When I came back froma run earlier I noticed that there was a black-and-white cat sleeping under the car. Sadly, when I came out again, he was still there and in fact bone stiff :( Not quite sure what to do, I don't know whose cat it is (there are two or three black-and-whites that hang around near our house) ... his owners would presumably prefer to collect him/dispose of him rather than just having him disappear. Hmm, should go back and check for a collar.

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