Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam

London Triathlon 2008

London Triathlon 2008
Swim 1500m 00:46:50
T1 00:05:40
Bike 40Km00:39:50
T2 00:02:59
Run 10Km00:31:13
Total 03:16:25

Phew! Well, it didn't go to plan, certainly not at the start: I had a lot of trouble finding my rhythym for the swim, and my cap kept coming off--- I ended up having to hang onto a guy's canoe while trying to put it back on. And then drifted a long way out of the lane on the return leg of the swim, not helped by having to come back against the wind. I did manage to settle a bit as I was coming back but it still just felt miserable. Then about 10m away my right calf cramped up really badly, and I couldn't stand up on the pontoon! They sat me down and poured Gatorade down me and helped take off the top half of my wetsuit... when I'd recovered a bit I went on but was just really glad that bit was over.

The bike section was OK: I overtook quite a few people on the first lap, got overtaken quite a bit on the second--- evens out, I guess. Did manage to keep up with at least one guy with a nice shiny speciailise tri bike with very shiny sprockets :) Who then turned out to be on his first lap :D

After all that, the run wasn't actually as miserable as I'd thought it would be. I thought I was just jogging easily through it but looking at the split time, I wasn't actually doing too badly.

So, much better performance than the duathlon last year. Of course, not going into the race injured helps! There are pictures too. Considering doing it next year as well, I must be crazy...

Tags: bike, race results, running, swimming, triathlon

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