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I seem to be incapable of going to the pub and just having one drink, even when it's just down to the pub after work. Or maybe that's especially when it's just after work...

I've managed to clock up 18Km of running (for certain definitions of "running") this week, as 3 6Km sessions. So getting better... gradually. Pace is still rotten, but hey, you've got to build up. I think I might scale down a couple of the sessions (that I do on the same day as going swimming) and lengthen the Friday afternoon one. I've also got a replacement cycle computer--- this seems to have a somewhat more adjustable sensor than the previous one, so hopefully will actually be useful. If not, this is the last wireless cycle computer I'm getting (but I think I said that last time). Will try and fit that tomorrow and get out for a bit, assuming it doesn't piss down. I've already got neoprene booties to go over my shoes when cycling, because usually by the time I get home/to work my toes are numb--- but wearing shorts is fine, presumably because legs do a good job of staying warm when they're being used....

I'm working from home on Monday so may try getting to the Gurnell Leisure Centre in the morning to use the 50m pool. The goal being to avoid drowning halfway across, expecting the end to be there :-O Still have a long way to go on the swmiming front, but I'm gradually (!) getting more comfortable with it.

Tomorrow night is both Vagabonds and Slaughterhaus 5 on the same night. Enjoyed SH5 last time round, but it's all the way out in Stoke Newington... I knew about Vagabonds before and was going to go to that.... ah, decisions decisions....

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