Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam

culinary experimentation

Had a bit of a fun cooking day yesterday. Attempted an omelette for the first time, with reasonable success. Well it tasted good, and I've not keeled over yet. With kippers ftw. Later we made spicy lentil soup; fun because we don't have a liquidiser or blender, had to chop all the veg using just a cooking knife. Apart from chilli powder and garam masala getting *everywhere* this went pretty well; much more fragrant than bought-ready-made, and the relatively coarse chopping is OK if you don't mind the occasional chunk of garlic/ginger/red onion.

Finally, on to a Thai stir-fry mainly from stuff we picked up at Oriental City on Saturday. First time I've cooked something with ho fun, which is tasty although frying noodles probably not so good for the training regime :D Bags of tapioca flour look very dubious, and that gets everywhere too.

All in all, went pretty well. And I have a huge box of lentil soup to bring bits of to work for the next few days.
Tags: food
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