Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam

2am and the foxes were having a territorial in our garden/over in the school grounds. Fun and joys of living near the edge of town (although foxes have adapted well enough to the city I suspect it could happen much farther in too).

I've signed up to do the London Triathlon in August. Hopefully avoid a repeat of September.... if I tear a calf muscle just before the race, I'm not going to try and limp through it this time. It'll take a few months before my bank account's recovered from all the physio treatment the first time round :(

New year, blah blah blah... looks just the same as the old one. "Huge, important, world-will-end-if-not-met" deadlines getting moved around- check. Rain and bloody misery- check. No winning Lottery numbers- check. Although apparently I've won a voucher for a two-day cruise for 4 around Genoa/Marseilles/Sardinia this summer. Hmmm.

Trying to have a clear-out of stuff at home--- take clothes I haven't worn for a few years to charity shops, hopefully sort through the crates of compacted bills and crap that date back to five years ago or more. Maybe even make space to be able to get to the shelves ni my room without having to clamber! Then at least some of the house will be usable...

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