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so finally that's work over for this year. i've been working on the same thing almost solidly for the past year, not something that tends to happen much at LMN. just a few weeks to the next "unmissable, can't be moved, end of the world if not met" deadline (the first one was in June).

my N70 (phone) got run over by a car after flying out of my pocket while cycling; i now have a K770i as a replacement. seems workable enough, especially seeing as I don't really use the phone all that much. reasonably nice photos (for a phone camera) of the NMA gig last night, which was fun: although sitting up in the balcony instead of mixing it up downstairs made me feel all old :)

sue's off home tomorrow, and I'm off "home" (i.e. Colne, which isn't really home but I always call it that) on Sunday... and then visiting sister and brother-in-law for a few days in Staffs, then back on the 30th or so. Would be nice to do something other than sit at home on NYE... but then, sitting at home and watching the fireworks on TV is comfortable, at least...

hopefully in the new year will be able to start running again (calf muscle mostly healed now). this would be good as i've put 4Kg back on since getting injured :(

internet connection seems to be not so happy atm... although i seem to be at double my bandwidth allowance for the month, that might be why :} having said that, even the admin interface for the router is dog-slow... not that it was ever all that fast...

Edit: nope, looks like just that port in the back of the router drops lots of packets... moved the switch to a different one and all's better...


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