Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam

London Duathlon 2007

London Duathlon 2007
Run 101:08:22
Run 200:46:41
Total 02:58:12

Not a brilliant time, although given I was limping before I even started I'm going to regard getting round at all as a victory for bloody-mindedness. Looking at the preliminary results sheet, I'm second from bottom in the M30-34 category and about 15th from bottom in the race overall, despite walking for most of the final run. So not too shabby, and hopefully that means doing better next year won't be too big an ask :D

We have some pictures to follow, not had time to download them yet. After getting home, had a luxurious and decadent long bath, and then headed out for post-race curry. That final walk back up the hill from Sudbury Hill was cruel :( Will try and rest this week and get some sleep (for once!), and will see closer to the weekend if the Tree-Athlon is still going to be on, or if it would be better to skip it.

According to my HRM, I got through 2443 calories in 3 hours. Not sure I managed to load that many back up with curry afterwards, but I tried. Might still be recovering from col/flu too because both this and the last time I went out, my heart rate's been much higher than it should be...

Tags: running
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