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OK, so it's been a while again, oops. Went up to Fintry for Megan & Pete's wedding. This was in a "castle" (actually just a single square keep-type building) tucked in a valley; amused myself on the morning by climbing the side behind the hotel. In fact, that one excursion dominates the photos. Came back down via Newcastle; stayed overnight and hung out in Trillian's which was somewaht amusing--- they sold Belgian fruit beer that some of the locals we met were happy to be introduced to :p Then drove back home and had to go to work the next day... holiday, uh-huh.

I'm still trying to get into shape for the races I have coming up in September; the last few weeks haven't featured me sticking to plan, unfortunately. And in fact today I've been off work mainly lying in bed because I seem to have squished my lumbar region cycling back from work :( Well, actually that story starts on Friday-- we went to the pub after work, initially to the Abbey and then to Walkabout near Temple. Unfortunately I was a klutz and lost my cloakroom ticket so had to stay to chucking out time to pick my bag up--- wouldn't have been so bad if anyone else had had any staying power :D Anyway, I got that back and proceeded up to oxford St to get a night bus, where I just missed an N7. So I got on an N207 to Hayes Bypass and started walking to the 140 route. Was chatting to some other guy who'd got off the bus, and he was going for the taxi option to make it the rest of the way home. Unfortunately in my fazed state I didn't realise I'd already gone past Yeading Rd at this point, so I kept on walking... and walking... in clunky New Rocks... eventually I got to Hayes End and realised I was in the wrong place :( So I got a bus *back* to almost where I'd got off the night bus and found the 140 route... well, that wasted an hour or so. So finally got back home at 6am having done far too much walking in boots not designed for it, and was pretty much crocked for the next couple of days! I did go out to Richmond Park for a run on Monday, though, which helped loosen my legs up. So I decided this was the way to go and cycled to work on Tuesday... but obviously overdid it in a different way, and now here we are. Bah! And I have a cold coming on :(

Anyway, upcoming races. The London Duathlon is on Sunday September 9th. Unfortunately because I'm doing the challenge distance this year I have to start earlier--- my start window is 9:15-9:20! This time round I've bought a car park pass; although I got the tube last time, it wasn't particularly fun manhandling the bike *back* when really tired. And the car can double as a storage container for drinks, munchies etc. 10Km+20Km+5Km, which I guess will take about 2.5 hours to complete...

Then on Saturday 15th there's the Tree-Athlon (5Km) in Battersea Park--- hopefully I'll have recovered from the duathlon by then! :D That starts at a slightly more civilised time of 11am.

No sign of there being a RunLondon 2007. Odd, but never mind.

OK, time to go back and lie down for a bit more and then tackle food :|
Tags: running

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