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Well, it turns out the reason Argos were waiting so long to deliver my bike is because they were delivering our sofa at the same time. So this morning had its good points, even if they did arrive at 7.45am.

Went to the Purple Turtle last night instead of going to Puzzlebox in Cambridge- I aborted going to Cambridge at the last minute when I was staring at the amount is was going to cost me, the impossibility of getting back overnight (2322 or 0425 train), the lossage involved in trying to sleep on someone's floor, my general feeling-pretty-crapness at the time... The PT was relaxing in contrast, especially since they had decent music being played for once.

Had to stay home for plumber to turn up (again), he actually turned up this time though. But couldn't do anything since he reckons it isn't a plumbing problem. Must.. restrain.. choking.. hands..

So I now have a bike, which isn't as nice as the one I had in Cambridge that got stolen (Cambridge is the bike-theft capital of England, I seem to remember) that was a similar spec, and it's damn heavy, but it's the first bike I've had for ages and it's got front suspension forks :)

So I didn't know about the three-minute silence thing this morning, which is probably a good thing given the irritating e-mail from our MD's PA I found in my inbox when I did get in. I agree with diffrentcolours on that. We had a flamewar about a similar Remembrance Day thing on rocksoc-chat back in Cambridge once, and I was talking about it all with Kilinrax just a bit back... If it would bring them back, if it would make it never happen again, you couldn't stop me doing it. Imho, the best way of remembering a tragedy is working to make sure it doesn't repeat. Which I'm hyprocritically lax at, so I'd better stop preaching right now.

So the world's all gone to hell or something. Wierdness. It's not like the background shittiness of the world has changed- crap like this has been a potential for ages, and is still a potential now. But when something like this happens, it makes you *feel* like life just took a nose-dive into some swamp.

OK, I've run out of crap again.

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