Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam

one thing after another

So now my foot's healing, I have a cough. Typical. Went for a cycle along the canal--- tried a new bit, heading up towards Uxbridge. A 36Km ride all in all and it was nice to be out and about since we had a sunny weekend again. I need to start working out "long ways round" to commute to work: it's great being able to bike in in an hour, but that just trains you for one hour efforts. By the time I'd got back to Hillingdon I was distinctly knackered.

Went to the Tour prologue in Hyde Park for a while on Saturday, which was interesting. Although the heat and the grass made me come over with hay fever which was no fun along with the start of the cough. Blech. I'm sure this exercising lark is making me ill.

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