Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam


Well, the big blister on my foot finally gave in, taking with it a patch of skin considerably larger than a £2 coin from the calloused bit on the outside, plus all the skin between the fourth and fifth toes. It failed to dry up over the weekend so this morning I covered it with Melolin and bandaged it up, and then went to seek the help of an NHS Walk-In Centre: where the nurse told me I'd done basically the right thing, and just to keep it clean and dry and it should heal in a few weeks. This is turning out to be even worse than the boot blisters I had in Utrecht where at least it was just lots of small ones :(

So no real exercise for a while... wonder if I'll manage to reacquire the lost 8Kg before it heals?

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